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Pascal Kleiman



Born in Toulouse, Kleiman started in the world of music from the explosion of French free radio during the 1980s. With his radio program Virus, he showcased independent underground punk and funk with the likes of ESG, Liquid Liquid and early electronic beats of A Split-Second and Front 242.

Kleiman studied Law in Toulouse, but in 1989, with the revolution of the acid house movement, Kleiman found his calling as a DJ and record producer performing and creating
music for the first rave parties in Franc.In 1992, he took on his first artist residency at a nightclub in Madrid called club «Attica».He soon moved to Valencia in 1993 where he took a new artist residency at Discoteca N.O.D. alongside Kike Jaen.

In 1996, he created the record label «UV» with the purpose of producing alternative artists of the electronic music scene in Valencia, Spain Born without arms or hands due to thalidomide,he is known by many as «The Amazing Pascal», or «The DJ who spins with his feet»,

His plays a mixture of ambient, dub, progressive and psychedelic electronic music from European, South African, American and Asian artists. Owning his own record shop gives him access in the latest electronic dance music.

Kleiman was the subject of Angel Loza’s 2008 documentary film Héroes. No hacen falta alas para volar, which was nominated for a Goya Award in the Best Short Documentary category.

-DJ since 1989, playing the best clubs and festivals worldwide including Space Ibiza, Barraca, Chocolate, NOD, ACTV in Valencia, Attica, Specka, La Riviera in Madrid, Les Nuits Fauves, Rex Club in Paris, Block in Tel Aviv among others in Italia, Portugal, Nederland, Belgium, Germany, Russia & India.

-DJ between 2000 and 2010 at the festival Apokalypsa (Czech Republic), at the Festival Phonotica in Asturias (Spain), Sonar festival Barcelona, La Notte Bianca Lecce (Italy)
Sharing the stage with Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Jerome Sydenham, Maurice Fullton, Jon Cutler, Dj Garth, Christian Varela, Titonton Duvante among others.

-DJ at Desert Advanture in israel from 2006 to 2011 sharing stage with Darwish, Perfect stranger, U-Recken among others.

-Dj for social integration of persons with disabilities in many events from associations in Spain, Nederland and Russia as well as Unicef in Paris.

-Current or former artist on the following labels: Incense Records, Psylove Records, AOA, 2Real, Click On Music, SoTrincha Recordings. Director of Big Foot Records





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